Lennart Wiedemuth is an architectural and interiors photographer based in Mainz, near Frankfurt am Main. He regularly works for architecture firms, companies and institutions in Germany and worldwide.

Architecture enhances the space it is located in and contributes to the quality of living of its inhabitants. His experience and intuition for details enable him to capture the area of tension that is created between architecture, space and people.

His work acts as an intermediary between design and interpretation and communicates these values. The results are expressive, aesthetic photos which transport the entity of modern architecture. 

Making good use of his passport he realized projects in Germany, Europe and the Middle East.

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Member of the Bundesverband Architekturfotografie e.V.

Architekturfotografie & Interieurfotografie

Lennart Wiedemuth fotografiert anspruchsvolle Architektur- und Interieurprojekte in Frankfurt, Mainz & weltweit.


Lennart Wiedemuth / Fotografie

Lauterenstraße 37

D-55116 Mainz