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o-14 tower, dubai


The concrete shell of O-14 provides an efficient structural exoskeleton that frees the core from the burden of lateral forces and creates highly efficient, column-free open spaces in the building’s interior. The exoskeleton of O-14 becomes the primary vertical and lateral structure for the building, allowing the column-free office slabs to span between it and the minimal core.  By moving the lateral bracing for the building to the perimeter, the core, which is traditionally enlarged to receive lateral loading in most curtain wall office towers, can be minimized for only vertical loading, utilities, and transportation.  Additionally, the typical curtain-wall tower configuration results in floor plates that must be thickened to carry lateral loads to the core, yet in O-14 these can be minimized to only respond to span and vibration.  Consequently, the future tenants can arrange the flexible floor space according to their individual needs. (Text: Reiser+Umemoto)

Architektur: Reiser + Umemoto

Standort: Dubai, United Arabic Emirates

Fertigstellung: 2010

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