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interiorfotografie: locke hotels in münchen

Architekturfotografie und Interieurfotografie zweier Hotels in München.
wunder locke — locke living, münchen

Locke Hotels expandiert und eröffnet im nächsten Jahr gleich zwei neue Hotels in München. Für die Kommunikation habe ich die Interieurs der beiden Hotels fotografiert. Das Interieur der Hotels wurde von dem britischem Büro Holloway Li gestaltet.

»This is WunderLocke – a destination unlike any other in the Bavarian capital, and the first Locke of its kind. With a focus on renewal and self-care, our expansive space features restaurants, a fitness studio, pool, sauna, cocktail bar and more – all here for guests to use as they please. The apartments are peaceful, spacious and leafy. The vibe is one of creativity and inclusivity. And the location makes it a perfect choice for working trips and holidays. Less hotel; more hub.«

»SchwanLocke, the vibe is one of calm creativity – think stunning art, one-of-a-kind furniture and mid-century industrialist design inspired by Munich’s Werkbund movement. The community is open and inclusive, with shared living spaces and an artisan grocery store. And the apartments are both spacious and sophisticated.«

Architekturfotografie des Hotels Wunder Locke in München.
wunder locke hotel, münchen

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Lennart Wiedemuth


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